Listening To Multiple Media Streams On The Emacspeak Audio Desktop

1 Executive Summary

The GitHub version of Emacspeak now supports launching and controlling multiple media streams. This enables one to listen to the news while playing a music stream, or relaxing nature sounds.

2 Sample Usage

Here are some examples of using this feature:

  1. Launch your favorite news station — BBC World Service in my case — C-e ; RET.
  2. Place the News on the left channel — C-e ; (.
  3. Persist the currently playing News stream by invoking command emacspeak-m-player-persist-stream bound to C-e ; \. This lets you launch a second stream via Emacspeak media key C-e ; rather than controlling the currently playing stream.
  4. Launch a classical music media-stream — C-e ; lu RET for a lullaby media stream.
  5. Now Emacspeak M-Player commands will control the most recently launched stream; you can once again invoke command emacspeak-m-player-persist-stream if you wish.
  6. The previously launched (and still playing) News stream is now in a buffer named *Persistent-...*. Command emacspeak-wizards-view-buffers-filtered-by-m-player-mode can be used to list buffers that hold a live m-player instance. It is bound to b in emacspeak-m-player-mode. I also bind this command to C-; ; in my global keymap.
  7. You can make an M-Player instance current by switching to its buffer and invoking command emacspeak-m-player-restore-process bound to / in emacspeak-m-player-mode.

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Date: <2015-11-23 Mon>

Author: T.V Raman

Created: 2015-11-23 Mon 15:14