Announcing Emacspeak-Muggles: Keyboard Conveniences For Emacspeak

1 Announcing Emacspeak-Muggles: Keyboard Conveniences For Emacspeak

1.1 Executive Summary:

new module emacspeak-muggles uses package hydra to provide keyboard conveniences.

1.2 Overview:

Package hydra allows convenient grouping of keyboard commands, see that package's description for details. It can be installed by executing

M-x package-install hydra

Module emacspeak-muggles implements a set of convenience hydras that make invoking groups of related commands easy. Here are the Muggles currently implemented:

Control laptop display brightness using xbacklight.
Access view-mode functionality without invoking view-mode explicitly.
Access Emacspeak Table UI functionality for org-mode tables.
And a lot more to come.

1.3 Blogger Note:

Going forward, these articles will be published via GitHub – rather than Blogspot — the new Blogspot API requires browser-based authentication that is beyond Emacs.

Date: <2015-07-13 Mon>

Author: raman

Created: 2015-07-13 Mon 09:17

Emacs (Org mode 8.2.10)