Smart Actions In Directory Buffers For The Emacspeak Audio Desktop

1 Overview

Emacspeak now provides a smart actions feature in Emacs' Directory Editor (DirEd) buffers. Pressing key Ctrl-RET in DirEd buffers now invokes an appropriate Emacspeak action on the current file.

2 Background

Over time, Emacspeak has come to include a number of smart handlers for different file types:

  • An MPlayer interface for media files.
  • An EPub reader for electronic books.
  • A light-weight PDF viewer.
  • A table browser for csv files.

Command emacspeak-dired-open-this-file bound to Ctrl-RET in DirEd buffers unifies this functionality by invoking the appropriate Emacspeak action on the file on the current line.

3 Extending To *Locate* Buffers

This facility is also available in locate-mode buffers. Emacspeak provides two content-specific Locate commands:

  • Command emacspeak-m-player-locate (I have this bound to key ~Super-l) for locating media files that match a pattern.
  • Command emacspeak-epub-locate-epub bound to l in EPub Interaction for locating epub files.

Pressing key Ctrl-RET in the resulting *Locate* buffers invokes the afore-mentioned smart action.

Date: <2015-10-16 Fri>

Author: T.V Raman

Created: 2015-10-16 Fri 15:39