Generating Spatialized Auditory Icons Using MPlayer And Ladspa

1 Executive Summary

The Emacspeak GitHub repository now includes a new auditory icon theme pan-chimes — these are the result of spatializing theme chimes.

2 Fun With Ladspa, MPlayer and Library tap-plugins

Here is the result of some fun with MPlayer and Ladspa over the Thanksgiving weekend. Package tap-plugins provides a number of interesting Ladspa plugins; one of these, tap_reverb is used in module emacspeak-m-player to provide a variety of predefined effects.

Library tap-plugins also includes Ladspa filter tap_autopan that pans the input audio signal — see that plugin's documentation for details.

The Linux media player mplayer allows the injection of ladspa plugins in its processing chain. Combining these, I have created theme pan-chimes that provides a spatialized version of sound-theme chimes.

See script in the Github repository to see how this new theme was generated.

Date: <2015-11-30 Mon>

Author: raman

Created: 2015-11-30 Mon 17:16