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6.6 Commands For Speaking Status Information.

The following commands provide miscellaneous information.

control e a

emacspeak-speak-message-again Speak the last message from Emacs once again.

control e m

emacspeak-speak-mode-line Speak the mode-line.

control e cap M

emacspeak-speak-minor-mode-line Speak the minor mode-information.

control e SPC

emacspeak-speak-header-line Speak the header-line.

control e control w

emacspeak-speak-window-information Speaks information about current windows.

control e t

emacspeak-speak-time Speak the time.

control e cap V

emacspeak-speak-version Announce version information for running emacspeak.

control e f

emacspeak-speak-buffer-filename Speak name of file being visited in current buffer. Speak default directory if invoked in a dired buffer, or when the buffer is not visiting any file.

control e h

emacspeak-speak-help Speak help buffer if one present. With prefix arg, speaks the rest of the buffer from point. Negative prefix arg speaks from start of buffer to point.

control e k

emacspeak-speak-current-kill Speak the current kill entry. This is the text that will be yanked in by the next C-y. Prefix numeric arg, COUNT, specifies that the text that will be yanked as a result of a C-y followed by count-1 M-y be spoken. The kill number that is spoken says what numeric prefix arg to give to command yank.

control e v

emacspeak-view-register Display the contents of a register, and then speak it.

control e control @

emacspeak-speak-current-mark Speak the line containing the mark. With no argument, speaks the line containing the mark — this is where ‘exchange-point-and-mark’ C-x C-x would jump. Numeric prefix arg ’COUNT’ speaks line containing mark ’n’ where ’n’ is one less than the number of times one has to jump using ‘set-mark-command’ to get to this marked position. The location of the mark is indicated by an aural highlight achieved by a change in voice personality.

control e control l

emacspeak-speak-line-number Speak the line number of the current line.

control e =

emacspeak-speak-current-column Speak the current column.

control e %

emacspeak-speak-current-percentage Announce the percentage into the current buffer.

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