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12.241 URL Templates

This section documents a total of 86 URL Templates.

All of these URL templates can be invoked via command M-x emacspeak-url-template-fetch normally bound to C-e u <fn> u. This command prompts for the name of the template, and completion is available via Emacs’ minibuffer completion. Each URL template carries out the following steps:

  1. AQI From Wunderground

    Air quality from Wunderground

  2. Air Traffic Control

    Find live streams for Air Traffic Control.

  3. Airport conditions

    Display airport conditions from the FAA.

  4. Amazon Product Details By ASIN

    Retrieve product details from Amazon by either ISBN or ASIN.

  5. Anonymize Google Search

    Logout from Google to do an anonymous search.

  6. ArchWiki Search

    Search Linux ArchWiki

  7. BBC Podcast Directory

    BBC PodCast Directory

  8. BBC Program Guide (not maintained)

    Display interactive BBC Program Guide.

  9. BBC World News Summary

    BBC World News Summary

  10. Baseball Box Scores

    Display baseball Play By Play.

  11. Baseball Game Details

    Display baseball Play By Play.

  12. Baseball Game Index

    Display baseball Play By Play.

  13. Baseball Highlights

    Display baseball Video Highlights.

  14. Baseball scores

    Display baseball scores.

  15. Bing News

    Bing News results as RSS feed.

  16. Bing Search

    Bing results as RSS feed.

  17. Bloomberg Stock Lookup

    Lookup Stock Quote information on Bloomberg. Ticker is of the form goog:us

  18. CIA Leaders Of The World

    Open CIA World Leaders For Specified Country.

  19. CIA World Fact Book

    Open CIA World Fact Book For Specified Country.

  20. CNN Content

    Filter down to CNN content area.

  21. CNN Headlines

    News Headlines From CNN

  22. CNN Market Data

    Market data filtered from CNN Money

  23. CNN PodCasts

    List CNN Podcast media links.

  24. Currency Converter

    Currency Converter. Currencies can be a comma-separated list of codes.

  25. Dictionary Lookup

    Dictionary Lookup

  26. EmacsWiki Search

    EmacsWiki Search

  27. Finance Google Search

    Display content from Google Finance.

  28. FreeSound

    Search FreeSound.

  29. GitHub Code Search

    GitHub Code Search. Query can include filters such as:

    <term>: Query Term. extension:<ext> Filter by file extension -filename:<pattern> Filter out files matching pattern.

  30. GitHub Search

    Perform a GitHub Search.

  31. GoLang Browse

    Browse GoLang package documentation.

  32. GoLang Lookup

    Lookup GoLang package documentation.

  33. GoLang Search

    Search GoLang package documentation.

  34. Google Basic

    Light-weight Google search.

  35. Google Image Search

    Google Image Search

  36. Google News Search

    Search Google news.

  37. Google Scholar

    Google Scholar Search

  38. Google Transcoder

    Transcode site via Google.

  39. Google Trends

    Google Trends

  40. Google Weather

    Light-weight Google search.

  41. Google Webmaster Page Analysis

    Page Analysis From Google Webmaster tools.

  42. Guardian RSS Feeds Directory

    Guardian Feeds Directory

  43. Hacker News Frontpage

    Display Hacker News Front Page

  44. Hacker News Search

    Display Hacker News Front Page

  45. MLB Scorecard

    Show MLB Scorecard.

  46. MLB standings

    Display MLB standings.

  47. Money Headlines From CNN

    Money Headlines From CNN

  48. NBA standings

    Display NBA standings.

  49. NLS Bard Popular

    NLS Bard Catalog: Most Popular. Login once before using this template.

  50. NLS Bard Recent

    NLS Bard Catalog: Recently Added. Login once before using this template.

  51. NLS Bard Search

    Search NLS Bard Catalog. Login once before using this template.

  52. NY Times Mobile

    NYTimes Mobile Site

  53. NY Times RSS Feeds

    Display browsable list of NY Times RSS Feeds.

  54. Old Time Radio

    This months Old Time Radio Programming

  55. OpenLibrary

    Open Library Search

  56. Patent Search From Google

    Perform patent search via Google

  57. PodCast CNet

    Play Podcast from CNET

  58. RadioTime Browser

    RadioTime Entry point.

  59. RadioTime Categories

    RadioTime Categories .

  60. RadioTime Search

    RadioTime Search.

  61. Reddit At Point.

    Open RSS Feed for Reddit URL under point.

  62. Reddit By Topic.

    Open RSS Feed for Reddit Topic.

  63. Reddit Front Page.

    Open Feed for Reddit Front Page.

  64. Reddit Search.

    Reddit Search Results Feed.

  65. Seeking Alpha Stock Search

    Seeking Alpha search.

  66. Sign in to Google

    Login to Google.

  67. StreamWorld Radio

    Play radio stream. Example: kcbsFM. Format is stationid+AM/FM.

  68. Tech News From CNet

    Display tech news from CNET

  69. Times Of India

    Retrieve Times Of India.

  70. TuneIn Radio

    Translate StreamId to playable stream.

  71. UPS Packages

    Display package tracking information from UPS.

  72. Washington Post

    Washington Post Contents

  73. Weather forecast from Weather Underground

    Weather forecast from weather underground mobile.

  74. Wiki Data Search

    Search WikiData.

  75. WordNet Search

    Look up term in WordNet.

  76. Yahoo RSSNews

    News From Yahoo As RSS.

  77. Youtube News

    News Headlines From Youtube

  78. fedex packages

    Display package tracking information from Fedex.

  79. html Google News Search

    Search Google news.

  80. html5IRC

    Show HTML5 IRC log.

  81. sourceforge Download

    Download specified file.

  82. sourceforge browse mirrors

    Retrieve download page at Sourceforge for specified project.

  83. sourceforge project

    Open specified project page at SourceForge.

  84. w3c IRC Logs

    Use this to pull up the archived logs from the W3C IRC. You need to know the exact name of the channel.

  85. w3c Lists

    Use this to pull up the archived mail from the W3C list. You need to know the exact name of the list.

  86. world CNN Content

    Filter down to CNN content area.

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