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12.2 amixer

Provide an emacs front-end to amixer, the sound mixer in ALSA that is used to configure the audio device.

The main entry point is command emacspeak-audio-setup bound to C-e). When called for the first time, this command builds up a database of available controls on the default audio device. These control names are then available for completion in the minibuffer. Pick a desired control, e.g., "master playback volume", and this displays a prompt with the current value. Enter the new value and press <RETURN>. To reset all controls to their default values, Press C-j.

12.2.1 Amixer Commands amixer

Command: amixer (&optional refresh)
Interactively manipulate ALSA settings.
Interactive prefix arg refreshes cache.

(fn &optional REFRESH) amixer-equalize

Command: amixer-equalize
Set equalizer. Only affects device ‘equal’. amixer-reset-equalizer

Command: amixer-reset-equalizer
Reset equalizer to default values – 66% for all 10 bands. amixer-store

Command: amixer-store
Persist current amixer settings.

12.2.2 amixer Options

Variable: User Option amixer-device

ALSA Control Device.