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12.3 cd-tool

Provide an emacs front-end to cdtool. cdtool can be obtained as an rpm check using rpmfind or from its home site at /pub/Linux/apps/sound/cdrom/cli This module also provides the ability to play or save clips from a CD if you have cdda2wav installed. cdda2wav is a cd to wav converter.

12.3.1 Cd-Tool Commands cd-tool

Command: cd-tool
<fn> DEL
Front-end to CDTool.
Bind this function to a convenient key-
Emacspeak users automatically have
this bound to <DEL> in the emacspeak keymap.

Key     Action
—     ——

+       Next Track
-       Previous Track
SPC     Pause or Resume
e       Eject
=       Shuffle
i       CD Info
p       Play
s       Stop
t       track
c       clip
cap C   Save clip to disk

12.3.2 cd-tool Options

Variable: User Option cd-tool-start-command

*Name of cdstart command; most likely either "cdstart" or "cdplay".