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12.15 emacspeak-amark

Structure emacspeak-amark holds a bookmark into an mp3 file path: fully qualified pathname to file being marked name: Bookmark tag Position: time offset from start

This library will be used from emacspeak-m-player, emacspeak-mplayer and friends to set and jump to bookmarks.

12.15.1 Emacspeak-Amark Commands emacspeak-amark-add

Command: emacspeak-amark-add (path name position)
Add an AMark to the buffer local list of AMarks. AMarks are
bookmarks in audio content. If there is an existing amark of the
given name, it is updated with path and position.

(fn PATH NAME POSITION) emacspeak-amark-find

Command: emacspeak-amark-find (name)
Return matching AMark if found in buffer-local AMark list.

(fn NAME) emacspeak-amark-save

Command: emacspeak-amark-save
Save buffer-local AMarks in  directory of currently playing resource.