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12.20 emacspeak-bbc

BBC: This module uses publicly available REST APIs to implement a native Emacs client for browsing and listening to BBC programs.

See The BBC API helps locate a PID for a given program stream. We then construct the BBC IPlayer URL for that PID, And either hand that link off to Chrome, Or stream it via get_iplayer and mplayer. get_iplayer: get_player vs Chrome: Pro/Con: Chrome: Has the UI for seeking in the stream. get_iplayer: We use a named pipe, and cannot seek, but the rest of emacspeak-m-player is available. For downloading a program etc., use Emacs package iplayer.

12.20.1 emacspeak-bbc Commands emacspeak-bbc

Command: emacspeak-bbc (&optional genre)
Launch BBC Interaction.
See for full list of stations.
See for list of genres.
Interactive prefix arg filters  content by genre.

(fn &optional GENRE) emacspeak-bbc-genre

Command: emacspeak-bbc-genre
        Launch BBC Interaction for specified Genre. emacspeak-bbc-get-iplayer-stream-pid

Command: emacspeak-bbc-get-iplayer-stream-pid (pid)
Stream using get_iplayer.

(fn PID) emacspeak-bbc-get-iplayer-stream-url

Command: emacspeak-bbc-get-iplayer-stream-url (url)
Stream using get_iplayer.

(fn URL)

12.20.2 emacspeak-bbc Options

Variable: User Option emacspeak-bbc-button-action

Action to use for BBC iPlayer buttons. get-iplayer: use get_iplayer. chrome: Hand off URL to Chrome.

Variable: User Option emacspeak-bbc-get-iplayer

Name of get_iplayer executable.

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