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12.31 emacspeak-calendar

This module speech enables the Emacs Calendar. Speech enabling is not the same as speaking the screen: This is an excellent example of the advantages of speech-enabled interaction.

12.31.1 emacspeak-calendar Commands emacspeak-appt-repeat-announcement

Command: emacspeak-appt-repeat-announcement
C-e A
<fn> A
        Speaks the most recently displayed appointment message if any. emacspeak-calendar-setup-sunrise-sunset

Command: emacspeak-calendar-setup-sunrise-sunset
        Set up geo-coordinates using Google Maps reverse geocoding.
To use, configure variable gweb-my-address via M-x customize-variable. emacspeak-calendar-speak-date

Command: emacspeak-calendar-speak-date
        Speak the date under point when called in Calendar Mode. 

12.31.2 emacspeak-calendar Options

Variable: User Option emacspeak-calendar-mark-personality

Personality to use when showing marked calendar entries.