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12.36 emacspeak-comint

comint == command interaction. Advice comint and friends to speak.

12.36.1 Emacspeak-Comint Commands emacspeak-toggle-comint-autospeak

Command: emacspeak-toggle-comint-autospeak (&optional prefix)
Toggle comint autospeak.
Interactive PREFIX arg means toggle  global default value. 

(fn &optional PREFIX) emacspeak-toggle-comint-output-monitor

Command: emacspeak-toggle-comint-output-monitor (&optional prefix)
C-e o
<fn> o
Toggle  Emacspeak comint monitor.
Interactive PREFIX arg means toggle the global default value. emacspeak-toggle-inaudible-or-comint-autospeak

Command: emacspeak-toggle-inaudible-or-comint-autospeak
C-e C-q
<fn> C-q
Toggle comint-autospeak when in a comint or vterm buffer.
Otherwise call voice-setup-toggle-silence-personality which
toggles personality under point.

12.36.2 emacspeak-comint Options

Variable: User Option emacspeak-comint-autospeak

Speak comint output. Use M-x emacspeak-toggle-comint-autospeak to toggle this setting.

Default Value: t