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12.56 emacspeak-elfeed

ELFEED == Feed Reader for Emacs. Install from elpa M-x package-install elfeed

12.56.1 Emacspeak-Elfeed Commands emacspeak-elfeed-eww-entry-at-point

Command: emacspeak-elfeed-eww-entry-at-point
Display current article in EWW. emacspeak-elfeed-filter-entry-at-point

Command: emacspeak-elfeed-filter-entry-at-point
Display current article after filtering. emacspeak-elfeed-next-entry

Command: emacspeak-elfeed-next-entry
Move to next entry and speak it. emacspeak-elfeed-previous-entry

Command: emacspeak-elfeed-previous-entry
Move to previous entry and speak it. emacspeak-elfeed-speak-entry-at-point

Command: emacspeak-elfeed-speak-entry-at-point
Speak entry at point.