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12.80 emacspeak-fix-interactive

Emacs commands that use the ’interactive spec to read interactive arguments are a problem for Emacspeak. This is because the prompting for the arguments is done from C See (callint.c) in the Emacs sources. Advising the various input functions, e.g. read-file-name therefore will not help. This module defines a function that solves this problem. emacspeak-fix-commands-that-use-interactive needs to be called To speech enable such functions.

12.80.1 Emacspeak-Fix-Interactive Commands emacspeak-fix-all-recent-commands

Command: emacspeak-fix-all-recent-commands
Fix recently loaded interactive commands.
This command looks through ‘load-history’ and fixes commands if necessary.
Memoizes call in emacspeak-load-history-pointer to memoize this call. emacspeak-fix-commands-loaded-from

Command: emacspeak-fix-commands-loaded-from (module)
Fix all commands loaded from a specified module.