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12.81 emacspeak-forms

Provide additional advice to forms-mode

12.81.1 emacspeak-forms Commands emacspeak-forms-find-file

Command: emacspeak-forms-find-file (filename)
Visit a forms file

(fn FILENAME) emacspeak-forms-flush-unwanted-records

Command: emacspeak-forms-flush-unwanted-records
        Prompt for pattern and flush matching lines emacspeak-forms-rerun-filter

Command: emacspeak-forms-rerun-filter
        Rerun  filter –allows us to nuke more matching records emacspeak-forms-speak-field

Command: emacspeak-forms-speak-field
        Speak current form field name and value.
Assumes that point is at the front of a field value. emacspeak-forms-summarize-current-position

Command: emacspeak-forms-summarize-current-position
        Summarize current position in list of records emacspeak-forms-summarize-current-record

Command: emacspeak-forms-summarize-current-record
Summarize current record

12.81.2 emacspeak-forms Options

Variable: User Option emacspeak-forms-ro-voice

Personality for read-only fields.

Variable: User Option emacspeak-forms-rw-voice

Personality for read-write fields.