12.100 emacspeak-hide

Flexible hide and show for emacspeak. This module allows one to easily hide or expose blocks of lines starting with a common prefix. It is motivated by the need to flexibly hide quoted text in email but is designed to be more general. the prefix parsing is inspired by filladapt.el

12.100.1 Emacspeak-Hide Commands emacspeak-hide-or-expose-all-blocks

Command: emacspeak-hide-or-expose-all-blocks
Hide or expose all blocks. emacspeak-hide-or-expose-block

Command: emacspeak-hide-or-expose-block (&optional prefix)
C-e j
Hide or expose a block of text.
 Optional interactive prefix arg causes all blocks in current
buffer to be hidden or exposed.

(fn &optional PREFIX) emacspeak-hide-speak-block-sans-prefix

Command: emacspeak-hide-speak-block-sans-prefix
C-e C-j
Speaks current block after stripping its prefix.