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12.103 emacspeak-info

This module speech-enables the Emacs Info Reader.

12.103.1 emacspeak-info Commands emacspeak-info-next-section

Command: emacspeak-info-next-section
        Move forward to next section in this node. emacspeak-info-previous-section

Command: emacspeak-info-previous-section
        Move backward to previous section in this node. emacspeak-info-speak-header

Command: emacspeak-info-speak-header
Speak info header line. emacspeak-info-wizard

Command: emacspeak-info-wizard (node-spec)
<f1> TAB
<help> TAB
        Read a node spec from the minibuffer and launch
See documentation for command ‘Info-goto-node’ for details on


12.103.2 emacspeak-info Options

Variable: User Option emacspeak-info-select-node-speak-chunk

*Specifies how much of the selected node gets spoken. Possible values are: screenfull – speak the displayed screen node – speak the entire node.