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12.141 emacspeak-npr

NPR == National Public Radio in the US. It provides a simple Web API documented at This module implements an Emacspeak Npr client. Users will need to get their own API key.

12.141.1 Usage

Command: emacspeak-npr-play-program C-; n — Play current or past program with completion for program name.

emacspeak-npr-listing C-; N — List NPR programs, blogs, etc with completion. Streams can be played from within the displayed listing.

In all cases, streams are played using module emacspeak-m-player.

12.141.2 Emacspeak-Npr Commands emacspeak-npr-listing

Command: emacspeak-npr-listing (&optional search)
C-; N
C-x @ h N
Display specified listing.
Interactive prefix arg prompts for search.

(fn &optional SEARCH) emacspeak-npr-listing-url-executor

Command: emacspeak-npr-listing-url-executor (url &optional get-date)
Special executor for use in NPR  listings.
Optional prefix arg prompts for date.

(fn URL &optional GET-DATE) emacspeak-npr-play-program

Command: emacspeak-npr-play-program (pid &optional get-date)
C-; n
C-x @ h n
Play specified NPR program.
Optional interactive prefix arg prompts for a date.

(fn PID &optional GET-DATE) emacspeak-npr-refresh-program-table

Command: emacspeak-npr-refresh-program-table (&optional force)
Refresh program table cache if needed.

(fn &optional FORCE) emacspeak-npr-search

Command: emacspeak-npr-search (query)
Search NPR

(fn QUERY)

12.141.3 emacspeak-npr Options

Variable: User Option emacspeak-npr-api-key

Web API key for this application.

Variable: User Option emacspeak-npr-local-cache

Location where we cache NPR playlists.

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