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12.138 emacspeak-org

Speech-enable org — Org allows you to keep organized notes and todo lists. Homepage: or

12.138.1 Emacspeak-Org Commands emacspeak-org-bookmark

Command: emacspeak-org-bookmark (&optional goto)
Bookmark from org.

(fn &optional GOTO) emacspeak-org-capture-link

C-; h
C-x @ h h
Capture hyperlink to current context.
To use this command, first  do ‘customize-variable’ ‘org-capture-template’
and assign  letter ‘h’ to a template that creates the hyperlink on capture. emacspeak-org-popup-input

Command: emacspeak-org-popup-input
Pops up an org input area. emacspeak-org-table-speak-both-headers-and-element

Command: emacspeak-org-table-speak-both-headers-and-element
echoes both row and col headers. emacspeak-org-table-speak-column-header

Command: emacspeak-org-table-speak-column-header
echoes column header emacspeak-org-table-speak-column-header-and-element

Command: emacspeak-org-table-speak-column-header-and-element
echoes col header and element emacspeak-org-table-speak-coordinates

Command: emacspeak-org-table-speak-coordinates
echoes coordinates emacspeak-org-table-speak-current-element

Command: emacspeak-org-table-speak-current-element
echoes current table element emacspeak-org-table-speak-row-header

Command: emacspeak-org-table-speak-row-header
echoes row header emacspeak-org-table-speak-row-header-and-element

Command: emacspeak-org-table-speak-row-header-and-element
echoes row header and element

12.138.2 emacspeak-org Options

Variable: User Option emacspeak-org-bookmark-key

Key of template used for capturing hot list.

Variable: User Option emacspeak-org-table-after-movement-function

The function to call after moving in a table

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