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12.145 emacspeak-personality

Implementation Notes From 2018: After 3 years, variable emacspeak-personality-voiceify-faces has been removed, and the advice on put-text-property and friends removed. This module nowlimits itself to mapping face/font-lock properties from overlays to the associated text-property (personality). This mapping is done via emacspeak-personality-add. The options for cumulative personalities have been removed.

Implementation Notes From 2015:

Setting emacspeak-personality-voiceify-faces to nil now results in dtk-speak falling back to the face->voice mapping defined via voice-setup for the face at point. What this means:

1. You always get voice-locking except when you set voice-lock-mode to nil.

2. The advice on put-text-property and friends become a no-op and we still get voice-locking.

3. Eventually this will become the default behavior for voice-locking.

Implementation Notes from 2002.

This module defines a personality interface for implementing voice lock via font lock.