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12.153 emacspeak-pronounce

This module implements user customizable pronunciation dictionaries for emacspeak. Custom pronunciations can be defined per file, per directory and/or per major mode. Emacspeak maintains a persistent user dictionary upon request and loads these in new emacspeak sessions. This module implements the user interface to the custom dictionary as well as providing the internal API used by the rest of emacspeak in using the dictionary. Algorithm:

The persistent dictionary is a hash table where the hash keys are filenames, directory names, or major-mode names. The hash values are association lists defining the dictionary. Users of this module can retrieve a dictionary made up of all applicable association lists for a given file.

12.153.1 Emacspeak-Pronounce Commands emacspeak-pronounce-clear-dictionaries

Command: emacspeak-pronounce-clear-dictionaries
Clear all current pronunciation dictionaries. emacspeak-pronounce-define-local-pronunciation

Command: emacspeak-pronounce-define-local-pronunciation (word pron)
Define buffer local pronunciation.
Argument ‘word’ specified the word to be pronounced.
Argument ‘pron’ specifies the new pronunciation. 

(fn WORD PRON) emacspeak-pronounce-define-pronunciation

Command: emacspeak-pronounce-define-pronunciation
Interactively define entries in the pronunciation dictionaries.
Default term to define is delimited by region.
First loads any persistent dictionaries if not already loaded. emacspeak-pronounce-define-template-pronunciation

Command: emacspeak-pronounce-define-template-pronunciation
Interactively define template entries in the pronunciation dictionaries.
Default term to define is delimited by region.
First loads any persistent dictionaries if not already loaded. emacspeak-pronounce-dispatch

Command: emacspeak-pronounce-dispatch
C-e M-d
<fn> M-d
Provides the user interface front-end to Emacspeak’s pronunciation dictionaries. emacspeak-pronounce-edit-pronunciations

Command: emacspeak-pronounce-edit-pronunciations (key)
Prompt for and launch a pronunciation editor on the
specified pronunciation dictionary key.

(fn KEY) emacspeak-pronounce-load-dictionaries

Command: emacspeak-pronounce-load-dictionaries (&optional filename)
Load pronunciation dictionaries.
Optional argument FILENAME specifies the dictionary file,
Default is emacspeak-pronounce-dictionaries-file.

(fn &optional FILENAME) emacspeak-pronounce-refresh-pronunciations

Command: emacspeak-pronounce-refresh-pronunciations
Refresh pronunciation table for current buffer.
Activates pronunciation dictionaries if not already active. emacspeak-pronounce-save-dictionaries

Command: emacspeak-pronounce-save-dictionaries
Writes out the persistent emacspeak pronunciation dictionaries. emacspeak-pronounce-toggle-use-of-dictionaries

Command: emacspeak-pronounce-toggle-use-of-dictionaries (&optional state)
Toggle use of pronunciation dictionaries in current buffer.
Pronunciations can be defined on a per file, per directory and/or
per mode basis.  Pronunciations are activated on a per buffer
basis.  Turning on the use of pronunciation dictionaries results
in emacspeak composing a pronunciation table based on the
currently defined pronunciation dictionaries.  After this, the
pronunciations will be applied whenever text in the buffer is
spoken.  Optional argument state can be used from Lisp programs
to explicitly turn pronunciations on or off.

(fn &optional STATE)

12.153.2 emacspeak-pronounce Options

Variable: User Option emacspeak-pronounce-common-xml-namespace-uri-pronunciations

Pronunciations for well known namespace URIs.

Variable: User Option emacspeak-pronounce-dictionaries-file

File that holds the persistent emacspeak pronunciation dictionaries.

Variable: User Option emacspeak-pronounce-internet-smileys-pronunciations

Pronunciation dictionary used in all instant messenger and IRC chat modes. See

Variable: User Option emacspeak-pronounce-pronunciation-personality

*Pronunciation personality. This is the personality used when speaking things that have a pronunciation applied.

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