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12.165 emacspeak-redefine

This module redefines a few vital functions, since advising them won’t help. Convention used: To redefine function fn: The original function will be renamed to Orig-fn. A new function called emacspeak-fn will be defined. Finally, we will fset fn to emacspeak-fn In the case of backward-char, forward-char, and self-insert-command mere redefinition of the function will not do: We will need to bind the new functions explicitly to the keys.

12.165.1 Emacspeak-Redefine Commands emacspeak-backward-char

Command: emacspeak-backward-char (&optional arg)
Backward-char redefined to speak char moved to. 

(fn &optional ARG) emacspeak-forward-char

Command: emacspeak-forward-char (&optional arg)
Forward-char redefined to speak char moved to. 

(fn &optional ARG) emacspeak-self-insert-command

Command: emacspeak-self-insert-command (&optional arg)
Insert a character.
Speaks the character if emacspeak-character-echo is true.
See  command emacspeak-toggle-word-echo bound to
C-e d w.
Speech flushes as you type.

(fn &optional ARG)