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12.162 emacspeak-remote

In a running emacspeak session, nuke the running server and start talking to a remote speech server, after prompting for host and port

12.162.1 Emacspeak-Remote Commands emacspeak-remote-connect-to-server

Command: emacspeak-remote-connect-to-server (host port)
C-e M-r
<fn> M-r
Connect to and start using remote speech server running on
host host and listening on port port. Host is the hostname of the
remote server, typically the desktop machine. Port is the tcp
port that that host is listening on for speech requests.

(fn HOST PORT) emacspeak-remote-edit-current-remote-hostname

Command: emacspeak-remote-edit-current-remote-hostname
Interactively set up where we came from.
Value is persisted for use with ssh servers. emacspeak-remote-home

Command: emacspeak-remote-home
Open ssh session to where we came from.
Uses value returned by ‘emacspeak-remote-get-current-remote-hostname’. emacspeak-remote-quick-connect-to-server

Command: emacspeak-remote-quick-connect-to-server
Connect to remote server.
Does not prompt for host or port, but quietly uses the guesses
that appear as defaults when prompting. Use this once you are
sure the guesses are usually correct. emacspeak-remote-quick-connect-via-ssh

Command: emacspeak-remote-quick-connect-via-ssh
Connect via ssh to remote Emacspeak server.
Server is specified via custom option ‘emacspeak-remote-default-ssh-server’. emacspeak-remote-ssh-to-server

Command: emacspeak-remote-ssh-to-server (login host port)
Open ssh session to where we came from.


12.162.2 emacspeak-remote Options

Variable: User Option emacspeak-remote-default-ssh-server

Default ssh server to use for remote speech server.

Variable: User Option emacspeak-remote-hooks

List of hook functions that are run after emacspeak is set to run as a remote application. Use this to add actions you typically perform after you enter remote mode.

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