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12.167 emacspeak-sage

Speech-enable sage-shell-mode. This is a major mode for interacting with sage, An Open-source Mathematical Software System.

12.167.1 Emacspeak-Sage Commands emacspeak-sage-describe-symbol

Command: emacspeak-sage-describe-symbol (s)
Describe Sage symbol at point.

(fn S) emacspeak-sage-get-output

Command: emacspeak-sage-get-output
Return most recent Sage output emacspeak-sage-get-output-as-latex

Command: emacspeak-sage-get-output-as-latex
Return most recent Sage output as LaTeX markup. emacspeak-sage-speak-output

Command: emacspeak-sage-speak-output
Speak last output from Sage.