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12.173 emacspeak-setup

Entry point for Emacspeak. The simplest and most basic way to start emacspeak is: emacs -q -l <emacspeak-dir>/lisp/emacspeak-setup.el The above starts a vanilla Emacs with just Emacspeak loaded. Once the above has been verified to work, You can add (load-library "emacspeak-setup") To your .emacs file. See tvr/emacs-startup.el in the Emacspeak Git repository for my setup.

12.173.1 emacspeak-setup Options

Variable: User Option dtk-startup-hook

List of hooks to be run after starting up the speech server. Set things like speech rate, punctuation mode etc in this hook.

Variable: User Option emacspeak-startup-hook

Hook run after Emacspeak is started.

Variable: User Option tts-notification-device

Virtual ALSA device to use for notifications stream.