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12.196 emacspeak-twittering

module twittering-mode.el is found on the emacs wiki This module speech-enables twittering-mode which works using oauth for authentication. Note: As of Thu Sep 2 08:11:25 PDT 2010 twit.el is broken.

Advises interactive functions to speak

12.196.1 emacspeak-twittering Commands emacspeak-twittering-jump-to-following-url

Command: emacspeak-twittering-jump-to-following-url
        Move to and open closest URI  following point. emacspeak-twittering-speak-this-tweet

Command: emacspeak-twittering-speak-this-tweet (&optional copy-as-kill)
Speak tweet under point.
With interactive prefix arg ‘copy-as-kill’, copy it to kill ring as well.

(fn &optional COPY-AS-KILL)