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12.206 emacspeak-vm

This module extends the mail reader vm. Uses voice locking for message headers and cited messages

12.206.1 Emacspeak-Vm Commands emacspeak-vm-browse-message

Command: emacspeak-vm-browse-message
Browse an email message –read it paragraph at a time. emacspeak-vm-catch-up-all-messages

Command: emacspeak-vm-catch-up-all-messages
Mark all messages in folder to be deleted. Use with caution. emacspeak-vm-locate-subject-line

Command: emacspeak-vm-locate-subject-line
Locates the subject line in a message being read.
Useful when you’re reading a message
that has been forwarded multiple times. emacspeak-vm-mode-line

Command: emacspeak-vm-mode-line
VM mode line information. emacspeak-vm-speak-labels

Command: emacspeak-vm-speak-labels
Speak a message’s labels emacspeak-vm-speak-message

Command: emacspeak-vm-speak-message
Move point to the message body. emacspeak-vm-toggle-html-mime-demotion

Command: emacspeak-vm-toggle-html-mime-demotion
Toggle state of HTML Mime promotion/Demotion. emacspeak-vm-yank-header

Command: emacspeak-vm-yank-header
Yank specified header into kill ring.

12.206.2 emacspeak-vm Options

Variable: User Option emacspeak-vm-cal2text

Executable that converts calendar invitations on standard input to plain text.

Default Value: /home/raman/emacs/lisp/emacspeak/etc/cal2text

Variable: User Option emacspeak-vm-customize-mime-settings

Non-nil will cause Emacspeak to configure VM mime settings to match what the author of Emacspeak uses.

Default Value: t

Variable: User Option emacspeak-vm-pdf2text

Executable that converts PDF on standard input to plain text using pdftotext.

Default Value: /home/raman/emacs/lisp/emacspeak/etc/pdf2text

Variable: User Option emacspeak-vm-use-raman-settings

Should VM use the customizations used by the author of Emacspeak.

Default Value: t

Variable: User Option emacspeak-vm-voice-loc

Set this to T if you want messages automatically voice locked. Note that some badly formed mime messages cause trouble.

Default Value: nil

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