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12.203 emacspeak-websearch

This module provides utility functions for searching the WWW

12.203.1 emacspeak-websearch Commands emacspeak-websearch-accessible-google

Command: emacspeak-websearch-accessible-google (query &optional options)
Use Google Lite (Experimental).
Optional prefix arg prompts for toolbelt options.

(fn QUERY &optional OPTIONS) emacspeak-websearch-amazon-search

Command: emacspeak-websearch-amazon-search
Amazon search. emacspeak-websearch-ask-jeeves

Command: emacspeak-websearch-ask-jeeves (query)
Ask Jeeves for the answer.

(fn QUERY) emacspeak-websearch-biblio-search

Command: emacspeak-websearch-biblio-search (query)
Search Computer Science Bibliographies.

(fn QUERY) emacspeak-websearch-citeseer-search

Command: emacspeak-websearch-citeseer-search (term)
Perform a CiteSeer search. 

(fn TERM) emacspeak-websearch-company-news

Command: emacspeak-websearch-company-news (ticker &optional prefix)
Perform an company news lookup.
Retrieves company news, research, profile, insider trades,  or upgrades/downgrades.

(fn TICKER &optional PREFIX) emacspeak-websearch-cpan-search

Command: emacspeak-websearch-cpan-search (query)
        Search CPAN  Comprehensive Perl Archive Network   Site. 

(fn QUERY) emacspeak-websearch-ctan-search

Command: emacspeak-websearch-ctan-search (query)
        Search CTAN Comprehensive TeX Archive Network   Site. 

(fn QUERY) emacspeak-websearch-dispatch

Command: emacspeak-websearch-dispatch
C-e ?
<fn> ?
        Press ‘?’ to list available search engines.
When using supported browsers,  this interface attempts to speak the most relevant information on the result page. emacspeak-websearch-foldoc-search

Command: emacspeak-websearch-foldoc-search (query)
Perform a FolDoc search. 

(fn QUERY) emacspeak-websearch-google

Command: emacspeak-websearch-google (query &optional flag)
        Perform a Google search.  First optional interactive prefix arg
‘flag’ prompts for additional search options. Second interactive
prefix arg is equivalent to hitting the I’m Feeling Lucky button on Google. 

(fn QUERY &optional FLAG) emacspeak-websearch-google-category-news

Command: emacspeak-websearch-google-category-news
Browse Google News by category. emacspeak-websearch-google-feeling-lucky

Command: emacspeak-websearch-google-feeling-lucky (query)
Do a I’m Feeling Lucky Google search.

(fn QUERY) emacspeak-websearch-google-mobile

Command: emacspeak-websearch-google-mobile (query &optional flag)
        Perform a Google Mobile search.  First optional interactive prefix arg
‘flag’ prompts for additional search options. Second interactive
prefix arg is equivalent to hitting the I’m Feeling Lucky button on Google. 

(fn QUERY &optional FLAG) emacspeak-websearch-google-news

Command: emacspeak-websearch-google-news
Invoke Google News url template. emacspeak-websearch-google-regional-news

Command: emacspeak-websearch-google-regional-news
Browse Google News by region. emacspeak-websearch-google-search-in-date-range

Command: emacspeak-websearch-google-search-in-date-range
        Use this from inside the calendar to do Google date-range searches. emacspeak-websearch-google-specialize

Command: emacspeak-websearch-google-specialize (specialize query)
        Perform a specialized Google search. See the Google site for
  what is possible here: 

(fn SPECIALIZE QUERY) emacspeak-websearch-google-with-toolbelt

Command: emacspeak-websearch-google-with-toolbelt (query)
Launch Google search with toolbelt.

(fn QUERY) emacspeak-websearch-gutenberg

Command: emacspeak-websearch-gutenberg (type query)
Perform an Gutenberg search

(fn TYPE QUERY) emacspeak-websearch-help

Command: emacspeak-websearch-help
        Displays key mapping used by Emacspeak Websearch. emacspeak-websearch-merriam-webster-search

Command: emacspeak-websearch-merriam-webster-search (query)
Search the Merriam Webster Dictionary.

(fn QUERY) emacspeak-websearch-news-yahoo

Command: emacspeak-websearch-news-yahoo (query &optional rss)
Perform an Yahoo News search.
Optional prefix arg  avoids scraping  information from HTML.

(fn QUERY &optional RSS) emacspeak-websearch-open-directory-search

Command: emacspeak-websearch-open-directory-search (query)
Perform an Open Directory search

(fn QUERY) emacspeak-websearch-software-search

Command: emacspeak-websearch-software-search
        Search SourceForge, Freshmeat and other sites. emacspeak-websearch-sourceforge-search

Command: emacspeak-websearch-sourceforge-search (query)
Search SourceForge Site. 

(fn QUERY) emacspeak-websearch-wikipedia-search

Command: emacspeak-websearch-wikipedia-search (query)
Search Wikipedia using Google.

(fn QUERY) emacspeak-websearch-yahoo

Command: emacspeak-websearch-yahoo (query)
Perform an Yahoo  search

(fn QUERY) emacspeak-websearch-yahoo-historical-chart

Command: emacspeak-websearch-yahoo-historical-chart (ticker &optional as-html)
Look up historical stock data.
Optional second arg as-html processes the results as HTML rather than data.

(fn TICKER &optional AS-HTML) emacspeak-websearch-youtube-search

Command: emacspeak-websearch-youtube-search (query)
YouTube search.

(fn QUERY)

12.203.2 emacspeak-websearch Options

Variable: User Option emacspeak-websearch-google-number-of-results

Number of results to return from google search.

Variable: User Option emacspeak-websearch-google-options

Additional options to pass to Google e.g. &xx=yy...

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