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12.214 emacspeak-webutils

This module provides common Web utilities for emacspeak.

12.214.1 Emacspeak-Webutils Commands emacspeak-webutils-curl-play-media-at-point

Command: emacspeak-webutils-curl-play-media-at-point
Use Curl to pull a URL, then pass
the first line to MPlayer as a playlist.
Useful in handling double-redirect from TuneIn. emacspeak-webutils-google-extract-from-cache

Command: emacspeak-webutils-google-extract-from-cache (&optional prefix)
Extract current  page from the Google cache.
With a prefix argument, extracts url under point.

(fn &optional PREFIX) emacspeak-webutils-google-on-this-site

Command: emacspeak-webutils-google-on-this-site
Perform a google search restricted to the current WWW site. emacspeak-webutils-google-similar-to-this-page

Command: emacspeak-webutils-google-similar-to-this-page (url)
Ask Google to find documents similar to this one.

(fn URL) emacspeak-webutils-google-who-links-to-this-page

Perform a google search to locate documents that link to the
current page. emacspeak-webutils-jump-to-title-in-content

Command: emacspeak-webutils-jump-to-title-in-content
Jumps to the title in web document.
The first time it is called, it jumps to the first
instance  of the title.  Repeated calls jump to further
instances. emacspeak-webutils-play-media-at-point

Command: emacspeak-webutils-play-media-at-point (&optional playlist-p)
C-e M-;
<fn> M-;
Play media url under point.
Optional interactive prefix arg ‘playlist-p’ says to treat the link as a playlist.
 A second interactive prefix arg adds mplayer option -allow-dangerous-playlist-parsing

(fn &optional PLAYLIST-P) emacspeak-webutils-transcode-current-url-via-google

Command: emacspeak-webutils-transcode-current-url-via-google (&optional untranscode)
Transcode current URL via Google.
  Reverse effect with prefix arg.

(fn &optional UNTRANSCODE) emacspeak-webutils-transcode-via-google

Command: emacspeak-webutils-transcode-via-google (&optional untranscode)
Transcode URL under point via Google.
 Reverse effect with prefix arg for links on a transcoded page.

(fn &optional UNTRANSCODE)

12.214.2 emacspeak-webutils Options

Variable: User Option emacspeak-webutils-charent-alist

Entities to unescape when treating badly escaped XML.

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