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12.225 emacspeak-ytel

YTEL == Youtube From Elisp Install package ytel from Melpa.

12.225.1 Emacspeak-Ytel Commands emacspeak-ytel-download

Command: emacspeak-ytel-download (id)
Download video at point.

(fn ID) emacspeak-ytel-play-at-point

Command: emacspeak-ytel-play-at-point (id &optional best)
Play video. Argument ‘id’ is the video-id.
Play current video in ytel when called interactively.
Optional interactive prefix arg ‘best’ picks best audio format.

(fn ID &optional BEST) emacspeak-ytel-yank

Command: emacspeak-ytel-yank (id)
Yank youtube URL  for video at point.

(fn ID)