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12.221 gmaps

Implements the Google Maps API

12.221.1 gmaps Commands gmaps

Command: gmaps
C-; e
C-x @ h e
:around advice: ‘ad-Advice-gmaps’

Google Maps Interaction.

(fn) gmaps-bicycling-directions

Command: gmaps-bicycling-directions (origin destination)
        :around advice: ‘ad-Advice-gmaps-bicycling-directions’

Biking directions from Google Maps.

(fn ORIGIN DESTINATION) gmaps-directions

Command: gmaps-directions (origin destination mode)
        Display  directions obtained from Google Maps.

(fn ORIGIN DESTINATION MODE) gmaps-driving-directions

Command: gmaps-driving-directions (origin destination)
        :around advice: ‘ad-Advice-gmaps-driving-directions’

Driving directions from Google Maps.

(fn ORIGIN DESTINATION) gmaps-locations-load

Command: gmaps-locations-load
Load saved GMaps locations. gmaps-locations-save

Command: gmaps-locations-save
Save GMaps Locations. gmaps-mode

Command: gmaps-mode
        A Google Maps front-end for the Emacspeak desktop.

In addition to any hooks its parent mode ‘special-mode’ might have run,
this mode runs the hook ‘gmaps-mode-hook’, as the final or penultimate step
during initialization.

key             binding
—             ——-

TAB             forward-button
ESC             Prefix Command
SPC             gmaps-place-details
[               backward-page
]               forward-page
b               gmaps-bicycling-directions
c               gmaps-set-current-location
d               gmaps-driving-directions
f               gmaps-set-current-filter
n               gmaps-places-nearby
r               gmaps-set-current-radius
s               gmaps-places-search
t               gmaps-transit-directions
w               gmaps-walking-directions

M-i             backward-button gmaps-place-details

Command: gmaps-place-details
        :around advice: ‘ad-Advice-gmaps-place-details’

Display details for place at point.
Insert reviews if already displaying details.

(fn) gmaps-place-reviews

Command: gmaps-place-reviews
Display reviews for place at point.
Place details need to have been expanded first. gmaps-places-nearby

Command: gmaps-places-nearby (&optional clear-filter)
        :around advice: ‘ad-Advice-gmaps-places-nearby’

Find places near current location.
Uses default radius. optional interactive prefix arg clears any active filters.

(fn &optional CLEAR-FILTER) gmaps-places-search

Command: gmaps-places-search (query &optional clear-filter)
        :around advice: ‘ad-Advice-gmaps-places-search’

Perform a places search.
Use this only if you dont know the locality  of the place you’re looking for.
Optional  prefix arg clears any active filters.

(fn QUERY &optional CLEAR-FILTER) gmaps-set-current-filter

Command: gmaps-set-current-filter (&optional all)
Set up filter in current buffer.
Optional interactive prefix arg prompts for all filter fields.

(fn &optional ALL) gmaps-set-current-location

Command: gmaps-set-current-location (address)
        :around advice: ‘ad-Advice-gmaps-set-current-location’

 Set current location.

(fn ADDRESS) gmaps-set-current-radius

Command: gmaps-set-current-radius (radius)
        :around advice: ‘ad-Advice-gmaps-set-current-radius’

Set current radius

(fn RADIUS) gmaps-transit-directions

Command: gmaps-transit-directions (origin destination)
        :around advice: ‘ad-Advice-gmaps-transit-directions’

Transit directions from Google Maps.

(fn ORIGIN DESTINATION) gmaps-walking-directions

Command: gmaps-walking-directions (origin destination)
        :around advice: ‘ad-Advice-gmaps-walking-directions’

Walking directions from Google Maps.


12.221.2 gmaps Options

Variable: User Option gmaps-api-key

Places API key — goto to get one.

Variable: User Option gweb-my-address

Location address. Setting this updates gweb-my-location coordinates via geocoding.

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