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12.235 sox

This module defines a convenient speech-enabled interface for editing mp3 and wav files using SoX.

Launching M-x sox creates a special interaction buffer that provides single keystroke commands for editing and applying effects to a selected sound file. For adding mp3 support to sox, do

sudo apt-get libsox-fmt-mp3 install

This module provides support for ladspa effects using module ladspa.el. To use ladspa effects with SoX, you need a relatively new build of Sox; The stock SoX that is package for Debian/Ubuntu does not always work. This module can be used independent of Emacspeak.

12.235.1 Sox Commands sox-add-effect

Command: sox-add-effect (name)
Adds  effect at the end of the effect list

(fn NAME) sox-delete-effect-at-point

Command: sox-delete-effect-at-point
This function has :around advice: ‘ad-Advice-sox-delete-effect-at-point’.

Delete effect at point.

(fn) sox-edit-effect-at-point

Command: sox-edit-effect-at-point
Edit effect at point. sox-mode

Command: sox-mode
An audio workbench for the Emacspeak desktop.

In addition to any hooks its parent mode ‘special-mode’ might have run,
this mode runs the hook ‘sox-mode-hook’, as the final or penultimate step
during initialization.

key             binding
—             ——- sox-open-file

Command: sox-open-file (snd-file)
This function has :around advice: ‘ad-Advice-sox-open-file’.

Open specified snd-file on the Audio Workbench.

(fn SND-FILE) sox-play

Command: sox-play
Play sound from current context. sox-refresh

Command: sox-refresh
This function has :around advice: ‘ad-Advice-sox-refresh’.

Redraw Audio Workbench.

(fn) sox-save

Command: sox-save (save-file)
Save context to  file after prompting.

(fn SAVE-FILE) sox-set-effect

Command: sox-set-effect (name)
Set effect.

(fn NAME) sox-show-timestamp

Command: sox-show-timestamp
Show timestamp   in stream. sox-stop

Command: sox-stop
Stop currently playing  sound from current context.

12.235.2 sox Options

Variable: User Option sox-edit

Location of SoX utility.

Variable: User Option sox-play

Location of play from SoX utility.

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