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12.240 tts

Define data structure and API for setting up, accessing and manipulating TTS environment. When complete, this will be used by the various engine configuration functions to set everything in one structure.

12.240.1 Tts Commands tts-set-chunk-separator

Command: tts-set-chunk-separator (chunk-separator)
Set tts chunk-separator.

(fn CHUNK-SEPARATOR) tts-set-punctuations

Command: tts-set-punctuations (punctuations)
Set tts punctuations.

(fn PUNCTUATIONS) tts-set-rate

Command: tts-set-rate (rate)
Set tts rate.

(fn RATE) tts-toggle-allcaps

Command: tts-toggle-allcaps
Toggle field allcaps in current tts-state. tts-toggle-capitalize

Command: tts-toggle-capitalize
Toggle field capitalize in current tts-state. tts-toggle-quiet

Command: tts-toggle-quiet
Toggle field quiet in current tts-state. tts-toggle-speak-nonprinting-chars

Command: tts-toggle-speak-nonprinting-chars
Toggle field speak-nonprinting-chars in current tts-state. tts-toggle-split-caps

Command: tts-toggle-split-caps
Toggle field split-caps in current tts-state. tts-toggle-strip-octals

Command: tts-toggle-strip-octals
Toggle field strip-octals in current tts-state. tts-toggle-use-auditory-icons

Command: tts-toggle-use-auditory-icons
Toggle field use-auditory-icons in current tts-state.