6.5 Voice Lock Mode

The status of voice lock mode can be toggled on and off in the current buffer by issuing the command C-e d v (M-x voice-lock-toggle).

Voice-lock is turned on automatically in all buffers that support it when Emacspeak is started.

Emacspeak can be set to disable voice lock in all of the major modes that support it. To do so, insert the following statement into your Emacs initialization file:

(global-voice-lock-mode -1)

The characteristics of the different voice personalities used by voice lock mode vary according to the capabilities of the speech synthesizer. The definitions applicable to the Dectalk family of synthesizers are contained in dectalk-voices.el, which is supplied as part of the Emacspeak distribution. The Emacspeak distribution also contains voice definitions for many other synthesizers.

Using voice lock mode, Emacspeak also supports many of the aural style properties defined in level 2 of the World Wide Web Consortium’s Cascading Style Sheet specification (see http://www.w3.org/TR/REC-CSS2/. Thus, when Emacspeak is running in conjunction with a cooperating user agent, such as William Perry’s Emacspeak/W3 web browser, the rendering of HTML documents can be regulated by style sheets. Examples of style rules which employ the CSS audio properties can be found in the default style sheet which is supplied in the Emacs/W3 distribution.