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12.130 emacspeak-mpv

MPV == Media Player Enables seamless playback of Youtube content among others. Binds mpv commands on C-e C-; as the prefix key. This leverages Emacs’ repeat-mode functionality, so successive mpv commands require only one initial ress of C-e C-;.

12.130.1 Emacspeak-Mpv Commands emacspeak-mpv-play-url

Command: emacspeak-mpv-play-url (url &optional left-channel)
C-. y
C-e C-; ;
<fn> C-; ;
C-x @ s y
Play URL using mpv;  Prefix arg plays on left channel.

(fn URL &optional LEFT-CHANNEL) emacspeak-mpv-position

Command: emacspeak-mpv-position
C-e C-; .
<fn> C-; .
Show position and duration.