T. V. Raman
Phone: (650) 799-5724


I am an accomplished Computer Scientist with over 30 years of leadership experience in advanced technology development. During this time, I have authored 3 books and filed over 75 patents; my work on eyes-free interaction has been profiled in mainstream publications including the New York Times and Scientific American. I presently work on enabling user-aware interfaces that provide AI-power in-the-moment Assistance; previously I led Accessibility for Google Android and Google Chrome. I have leading-edge expertise in developing auditory interfaces for mobile devices and Web applications with a special focus on eyes-free interaction. Earlier, I led the definition of numerous W3C standards including XForms and Aural CSS.


Deliver technologies that enable ubiquitous, eyes-free access to the cloud from a wide variety of devices ranging from smart phones and tablets to wearables. Speech — backed by Natural Language Technologies — is the next dimension in user interfaces, and I am developing application frameworks that combine Natural Language technologies with the power of the Cloud to deliver user-aware interfaces that enable anytime, anywhere access to one’s personal assistant.

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Other Interests

My favorite hobby is recreational mathematics. I enjoy working on puzzles, especially those that involve an intuitive feel for mathematics. One of the things I enjoyed doing the most in the early eighties was to solve the Rubik’s cube faster than anyone else around me, on an average of about thirty seconds! During the last few years, discovering Zome Systems for building complex polyhedra has helped rekindle my interest in polyhedral geometry. I am also interested in linguistics and can speak about eight languages, including French, German and several Indian languages.