12.243 URL Templates

This section documents a total of 63 URL Templates.

All of these URL templates can be invoked via command M-x emacspeak-url-template-fetch normally bound to C-e u. This command prompts for the name of the template, and completion is available via Emacs’ minibuffer completion. Each URL template carries out the following steps:

  1. air traffic control

    Find live streams for Air Traffic Control.

  2. airport conditions

    Display airport conditions from the FAA.

  3. amazon product details by asin

    Retrieve product details from Amazon by either ISBN or ASIN.

  4. aqi from wunderground

    Air quality from Wunderground

  5. archwiki search

    Search Linux ArchWiki

  6. bbc 5-live schedule

    BBC Radio 5 Live Schedule

  7. bbc podcast directory

    BBC PodCast Directory

  8. bbc r4 extra schedule

    BBC Radio 4 Extra Schedule

  9. bbc r4 schedule

    BBC R4 Schedule

  10. bbc sounds

    Search BBC Sounds. Result page is filtered down to two sections, Shows and Episodes.

    Press [RET] on links in the Show section to open that show page. The page for that show contains playable links for Episodes.

    Press ‘y’ on Episode links to play them with MPV.

  11. bbc world service schedule

    BBC World Service Schedule

  12. bing news

    Bing News results as RSS feed.

  13. business headlines from cnn

    Money Headlines From CNN

  14. cbs radio streams from streamtheworld

    Play radio stream. Example: kcbsFM. Format is stationid+AM/FM.

  15. cnbc quotes

    Stock portfolio via CNBC

  16. cnbc ticker

    Stock Quote via CNBC

  17. cnn headlines

    News Headlines From CNN

  18. cnn money

    CNN Money

  19. cricinfo print

    Printer friendly link on Cricinfo

  20. dictionary lookup

    Dictionary Lookup

  21. emacspeak search via google

    Search Emacspeak Site

  22. espn cricinfo search

    Cricinfo Search Using Google

  23. finance google

    Lookup ticker on Google Finance.

  24. finance summary from google

    Display top stocks from Google Finance.

  25. freesound

    Search FreeSound.

  26. gita

    Open specific chapter/verse in the Gita

  27. global weather from google

    World Weather From Google

  28. google news search

    Search Google news.

  29. google scholar

    Google Scholar Search

  30. google trends

    Google Trends

  31. guardian rss feeds directory

    Guardian Feeds Directory

  32. hacker news frontpage

    Display Hacker News Front Page

  33. hacker news search

    Display Hacker News Front Page

  34. hoogle haskell api search

    Haskell API Search against a local server.

  35. html google news search

    Search Google news.

  36. local weather from google

    Light-weight Google weather. Displays weather for your current US-ZIP Code.

  37. microsoft search

    Bing results as RSS feed.

  38. nba standings

    Display NBA standings.

  39. nls bard bookshelf

    NLS Bard Catalog: Most Popular. Login once before using this template.

  40. nls bard popular

    NLS Bard Catalog: Most Popular. Login once before using this template.

  41. nls bard recent

    NLS Bard Catalog: Recently Added. Login once before using this template.

  42. nls bard search

    Search NLS Bard Catalog. Login once before using this template.

  43. npr

    Open NPR home , then display the alternative links to access RSS feeds.

  44. online radiotime browser

    RadioTime Entry point.

  45. online radiotime search

    RadioTime Search

  46. openlibrary

    Open Library Search

  47. player fm bbc rss feeds

    Player FM BBC RSS Feeds

  48. radiotime categories

    RadioTime Categories

  49. reddit at point

    Open RSS Feed for Reddit URL under point.

  50. reddit by topic

    Open RSS Feed for Reddit Topic.

  51. reddit front page

    Open Feed for Reddit Front Page.

  52. reddit search

    Reddit Search Results Feed.

  53. sourceforge browse mirrors

    Retrieve download page at Sourceforge for specified project.

  54. sourceforge download

    Download specified file.

  55. sourceforge project

    Open specified project page at SourceForge.

  56. tech news from cnet

    Display tech news from CNET

  57. tinyurl
  58. tunein radio

    Translate StreamId to playable stream.

  59. washington post

    Washington Post Contents

  60. wiki data search

    Search WikiData.

  61. wikipedia at point

    Extract body content from Wikipedia link at point

  62. wordnet search

    Look up term in WordNet.

  63. yahoo rssnews

    News From Yahoo As RSS.