12 Emacspeak Commands And Options


This chapter documents the various Emacspeak modules and is auto-generated from the Emacspeak source code. It is meant to be a complete reference to the emacspeak implementation while also providing high-level usage summaries of some of the larger Emacspeak modules.

Each section provides a high-level overview of that module, followed by detailed description of the commands and options defined in that module.

Emacspeak modules can be classified as follows:

  1. Modules that interface with various TTS engines, e.g. espeak-voices and dectalk-voices.
  2. Modules that implement core Emacspeak functionality, e.g., emacspeak-speak, emacspeak-keymap, voice-lock and emacspeak-advice.
  3. Emacspeak extensions that speech-enable various emacs packages, these are all named using the convention emacspeak-<packagename>.

The first two of the above are mostly of interest when extending Emacspeak, or to learn how things are implemented. The third category is useful in understanding how emacspeak works with a given package; thus, when learning to use the Emacs Web Browser (EWW), read the See (emacs)EWW documentation, then See emacspeak-eww.

This chapter documents a total of 1176 commands and 127 options.