12.6 emacspeak-2048

Speech-enable 2048 Game

12.6.1 Emacspeak-2048 Commands emacspeak-2048-add-column

Command: emacspeak-2048-add-column
Add a column  to the current board. emacspeak-2048-add-row

Command: emacspeak-2048-add-row
Add a row  to the current board. emacspeak-2048-drop-column

Command: emacspeak-2048-drop-column
Drop last  row  from  the current board. emacspeak-2048-drop-row

Command: emacspeak-2048-drop-row
Drop last  row  from  the current board. emacspeak-2048-export

Command: emacspeak-2048-export (&optional prompt)
Exports game stack to a file.
Optional interactive prefix arg prompts for a file.
Note that the file is overwritten silently.

(fn &optional PROMPT) emacspeak-2048-import

Command: emacspeak-2048-import (&optional prompt)
Import game.
Optional interactive prefix arg prompts for a filename.

(fn &optional PROMPT) emacspeak-2048-pop-state

Command: emacspeak-2048-pop-state
Reset state from stack. emacspeak-2048-prune-stack

Command: emacspeak-2048-prune-stack (drop)
Prune game stack to specified length.

(fn DROP) emacspeak-2048-push-state

Command: emacspeak-2048-push-state
Push current game state on stack. emacspeak-2048-randomize-game

Command: emacspeak-2048-randomize-game (&optional count)
Puts game in a randomized new state.

(fn &optional COUNT) emacspeak-2048-score

Command: emacspeak-2048-score
Show total on board. emacspeak-2048-speak-board

Command: emacspeak-2048-speak-board
Speak board. emacspeak-2048-speak-transposed-board

Command: emacspeak-2048-speak-transposed-board
Speak board column-wise.