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12.12 emacspeak-amark

Structure emacspeak-amark holds a bookmark into an mp3 file path: filename containing marked name: Bookmark tag Position: time offset from start

This library will be used from emacspeak-m-player to set and jump to bookmarks. Amarks are stored in a .amarks file in the working directory. It also provides a simple AMark Browser to use from a directory containing mp3 files where Amarks have been created.

12.12.1 Emacspeak-Amark Commands emacspeak-amark-add

Command: emacspeak-amark-add (path name position)
Add an AMark to the buffer local list of AMarks. AMarks are
bookmarks in audio content. If there is an existing amark of the
given name, it is updated with path and position.

(fn PATH NAME POSITION) emacspeak-amark-bookshelf

Command: emacspeak-amark-bookshelf
C-; C-;
C-x @ h C-;
Open a locate buffer with all files.
Use M-x emacspeak-dired-open-this-file to open the AMark Browser on
current file. emacspeak-amark-browse

Command: emacspeak-amark-browse
C-; a
C-x @ h a
Browse   amarks  in current directory using ‘emacspeak-amark-mode’. emacspeak-amark-file-load

Command: emacspeak-amark-file-load
Open .amark.el on current line in AMark Browser emacspeak-amark-find

Command: emacspeak-amark-find (name)
Return matching AMark if found in buffer-local AMark list.

(fn NAME) emacspeak-amark-list-play

Command: emacspeak-amark-list-play
Play amark list as a playlist emacspeak-amark-mode

Command: emacspeak-amark-mode
A light-weight mode for the ‘*Emacspeak Amark Browser*’.
 1. Provides buttons for opening and removing AMarks.
 2. Enables org integration via command
 ‘org-store-link’ bound to M-x org-store-link.
 3. Stored links can be inserted into org files in the same directory
via command ‘org-insert-link’ bound to M-x org-insert-link.

In addition to any hooks its parent mode ‘special-mode’ might have
run, this mode runs the hook ‘emacspeak-amark-mode-hook’, as the final
or penultimate step during initialization. emacspeak-amark-save

Command: emacspeak-amark-save
Save buffer-local AMarks in  currently playing directory.

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