12.27 emacspeak-chess

The Emacs Chess package provides a rich environment for playing and exploring Chess Games. That package comes with a light-weight module that announces moves.

This module aims to do much more, including:

12.27.2 Examining Games

Package Chess allows one to browse through a game using , and .chess-display-move-backward and chess-display-move-forward. Emacspeak speech-enables these commands to speak the move that led to the currently displayed state of the game. Finally, m speaks the current move being displayed.

12.27.3 Emacspeak-Chess Commands emacspeak-chess-east

Command: emacspeak-chess-east
Move east one step. emacspeak-chess-goto-target

Command: emacspeak-chess-goto-target
Jump to the most recent target square. emacspeak-chess-jump

Command: emacspeak-chess-jump (coord)
Jump to square specified as coord.

(fn COORD) emacspeak-chess-look-east

Command: emacspeak-chess-look-east
Look east emacspeak-chess-look-king

Command: emacspeak-chess-look-king
Look along non-empty squares reachable by the king  from current position. emacspeak-chess-look-knight

Command: emacspeak-chess-look-knight
Look along non-empty squares reachable by a knight from current position. emacspeak-chess-look-north

Command: emacspeak-chess-look-north
Look north emacspeak-chess-look-northeast

Command: emacspeak-chess-look-northeast
Look northeast emacspeak-chess-look-northwest

Command: emacspeak-chess-look-northwest
Look northwest emacspeak-chess-look-south

Command: emacspeak-chess-look-south
Look south emacspeak-chess-look-southeast

Command: emacspeak-chess-look-southeast
Look southeast emacspeak-chess-look-southwest

Command: emacspeak-chess-look-southwest
Look southwest emacspeak-chess-look-west

Command: emacspeak-chess-look-west
Look west emacspeak-chess-north

Command: emacspeak-chess-north
Move north one step. emacspeak-chess-northeast

Command: emacspeak-chess-northeast
Move northeast one step. emacspeak-chess-northwest

Command: emacspeak-chess-northwest
Move northwest one step. emacspeak-chess-south

Command: emacspeak-chess-south
Move south one step. emacspeak-chess-southeast

Command: emacspeak-chess-southeast
Move southeast one step. emacspeak-chess-southwest

Command: emacspeak-chess-southwest
Move southwest one step. emacspeak-chess-speak-board

Command: emacspeak-chess-speak-board
Speak complete board. Only useful in end-states. emacspeak-chess-speak-piece-squares

Command: emacspeak-chess-speak-piece-squares (piece)
Prompt for a piece (single char) and speak its locations on the
  board.  Piece is specified as a char using SAN notation. Use
  ‘w’ for all whites pieces,  ‘l’ for all black pieces,
and ‘a’ for entire board..

(fn PIECE) emacspeak-chess-speak-that-square

Command: emacspeak-chess-speak-that-square (coord)
Speak square at specified coord.

(fn COORD) emacspeak-chess-speak-this-move

Command: emacspeak-chess-speak-this-move
Speak move at current display index. emacspeak-chess-speak-this-square

Command: emacspeak-chess-speak-this-square
Speak square under point. emacspeak-chess-speak-who-targets

Command: emacspeak-chess-speak-who-targets (piece)
Speak description of squares that can target current square.
Argument ‘piece’ specifies  piece-or-color as in command

(fn PIECE) emacspeak-chess-view-rank-or-file

Command: emacspeak-chess-view-rank-or-file
View a complete rank or file from white’s perspective. emacspeak-chess-west

Command: emacspeak-chess-west
Move west one step.