12.61 emacspeak-empv

EMPV == Emacs Front-End To mpv — the GNU media player — Provides better Youtube integration.

This section documents Emacspeak extensions to EMPV , the Emacs interface of choice to the GNU MPV media player. This section should be read alongside the EMPV documentation; Install EMPV from ELPA.

12.61.1 Interactive Commands

Emacspeak adds a few convenience commands to the those provided by package empv:

  1. Command emacspeak-empv-play-url to play a URL using MPV .
  2. Adds history tracking to our EMPV commands.
  3. Command empv-play-last-url to play from our EMPV history.
  4. Command emacspeak-empv-play-file to play local media and Internet streams.
  5. Command emacspeak-empv-radio to play from Emacspeak's library of Internet streams.

12.61.3 Toggling Filters

Command mpv provides a number of audio filters. Emacspeak exposes a select few for interactive use.

  1. Toggle active filter: emacspeak-empv-toggle-filter
  2. Toggle Audio Balance: emacspeak-empv-toggle-balance
  3. Clear any active filters: emacspeak-empv-clear-filter
  4. Toggle our custom filter: emacspeak-empv-toggle-custom
  5. Toggle left output: emacspeak-empv-toggle-left
  6. Toggle right output: emacspeak-empv-toggle-right

12.61.4 Emacspeak-Empv Commands emacspeak-empv-absolute-seek

Command: emacspeak-empv-absolute-seek (target)
Absolute seek in seconds,see ‘empv-seek’

(fn TARGET) emacspeak-empv-accumulate-to-register

Command: emacspeak-empv-accumulate-to-register
Accumulate media links to register u emacspeak-empv-backward-10-minutes

Command: emacspeak-empv-backward-10-minutes
Move backward by 10 minutes emacspeak-empv-backward-10-seconds

Command: emacspeak-empv-backward-10-seconds (&optional count)
Move back  count  slices of 10 seconds.

(fn &optional COUNT) emacspeak-empv-backward-30-minutes

Command: emacspeak-empv-backward-30-minutes
Move backward by 30 minutes emacspeak-empv-backward-5-minutes

Command: emacspeak-empv-backward-5-minutes
Move backward by 5 minutes emacspeak-empv-backward-minute

Command: emacspeak-empv-backward-minute (&optional count)
Move back  count  minutes.

(fn &optional COUNT) emacspeak-empv-clear-filter

Command: emacspeak-empv-clear-filter
Clear all filters. emacspeak-empv-current-title

Command: emacspeak-empv-current-title
Speak title of currently selected item. emacspeak-empv-forward-10-minutes

Command: emacspeak-empv-forward-10-minutes
Move forward by 10 minutes emacspeak-empv-forward-10-seconds

Command: emacspeak-empv-forward-10-seconds (&optional count)
Move forward count  chunks of 10 seconds.

(fn &optional COUNT) emacspeak-empv-forward-30-minutes

Command: emacspeak-empv-forward-30-minutes
Move forward by 30 minutes emacspeak-empv-forward-5-minutes

Command: emacspeak-empv-forward-5-minutes
Move forward by 5 minutes emacspeak-empv-forward-minute

Command: emacspeak-empv-forward-minute (&optional count)
Move forward count  minutes.

(fn &optional COUNT) emacspeak-empv-percentage-seek

Command: emacspeak-empv-percentage-seek (target)
Percentage seek in seconds,see ‘empv-seek’

(fn TARGET) emacspeak-empv-play-file

Command: emacspeak-empv-play-file (file &optional prefix)
C-e '
Play file using mpv.
Interactive prefix arg plays directory.
If already playing, then read an empv key and invoke its command.

(fn FILE &optional PREFIX) emacspeak-empv-play-last

Command: emacspeak-empv-play-last
C-e y l
Play most recently played URL. emacspeak-empv-play-url

Command: emacspeak-empv-play-url (url)
C-e y y
Play URL using mpv. 

(fn URL) emacspeak-empv-radio

Command: emacspeak-empv-radio
C-e y r
Play Internet stream emacspeak-empv-relative-seek

Command: emacspeak-empv-relative-seek (target)
Relative seek in seconds,see ‘empv-seek’

(fn TARGET) emacspeak-empv-time-pos

Command: emacspeak-empv-time-pos
Speak time and percent position. emacspeak-empv-toggle-balance

Command: emacspeak-empv-toggle-balance (value)
Set balance to value — range is -1.0..1.0 

(fn VALUE) emacspeak-empv-toggle-custom

Command: emacspeak-empv-toggle-custom
Toggle our custom filters. emacspeak-empv-toggle-filter

Command: emacspeak-empv-toggle-filter (filter)
Toggle Filter.
Filter is of the  form name=arg-1:arg-2:...

(fn FILTER) emacspeak-empv-toggle-left

Command: emacspeak-empv-toggle-left
Toggle output to being just on the left. emacspeak-empv-toggle-right

Command: emacspeak-empv-toggle-right
Toggle output to being just on the right.

12.61.5 emacspeak-empv Options

Variable: User Option emacspeak-empv-custom-filters
List of custom filters to turn on/off at one shot
The default value is suitable for classical instrumental music.

Default Value:

("extrastereo" "stereowiden=4.25:.1:735:.8" "haas")