12.91 emacspeak-gnus

This module advises gnus to speak. Updating support in 2014 (Emacspeak is nearly 20 years old) Updating in 2018 as I switch to gnus as my primary mail interface. These customizations to gnus make it convenient to listen to news: You can read news mostly by using the four arrow keys. By default all article headers are hidden, so you hear the real news.

12.91.1 Emacspeak-Gnus Commands emacspeak-gnus-personal-gmail-last-week

Command: emacspeak-gnus-personal-gmail-last-week
Look for mail addressed personally in the last week. emacspeak-gnus-personal-gmail-recent

Command: emacspeak-gnus-personal-gmail-recent
Look for mail addressed personally in the last day. emacspeak-gnus-summary-catchup-quietly-and-exit

Command: emacspeak-gnus-summary-catchup-quietly-and-exit
Catch up on all articles in current group.

12.91.2 emacspeak-gnus Options

Variable: User Option emacspeak-gnus-large-article
Articles having more than
emacspeak-gnus-large-article lines will be considered to be a large article.
A large article is not spoken all at once;
instead you hear only the first screenful.

Default Value:


Variable: User Option emacspeak-gnus-punctuation-mode
Pronunciation mode to use for gnus buffers.

Default Value: