12.109 emacspeak-ispell

This module speech enables ispell. Implementation note: This is hard because of how ispell.el is written Namely, all of the work is done by one huge hairy function. This makes advising it hard. The ispell commands work well with Emacspeak as long as the list of correction choices are few. For interactively moving through corrections, install package flyspell-correct from MELPA (package-install "flyspell-correct") Then use M-x flyspell-mode. Package flyspell is speech-enabled by Emacspeak module emacspeak-flyspell And that module sets up flyspell-correct to use IDO-style completion, i.e. you can move through corrections with C-r and C-s.

12.109.1 emacspeak-ispell Options

Variable: User Option emacspeak-ispell-max-choices
Emacspeak will not speak the choices if there are more than this
many available corrections.

Default Value: