12.111 emacspeak-jabber

emacs-jabber.el implements a jabber client for emacs emacs-jabber is hosted at sourceforge. I use emacs-jabber with my gmail.com account

12.111.1 Emacspeak-Jabber Commands emacspeak-jabber-chat-next-message

Command: emacspeak-jabber-chat-next-message
Move forward to and speak the next message in this chat session. emacspeak-jabber-chat-previous-message

Command: emacspeak-jabber-chat-previous-message
Move backward to and speak the previous message in this chat session. emacspeak-jabber-chat-speak-this-message

Command: emacspeak-jabber-chat-speak-this-message (&optional copy-as-kill)
Speak chat message under point.
With optional interactive prefix arg ‘copy-as-kill’, copy it to
the kill ring as well.

(fn &optional COPY-AS-KILL) emacspeak-jabber-popup-roster

Command: emacspeak-jabber-popup-roster
Pop to Jabber roster. emacspeak-jabber-speak-recent-message

Command: emacspeak-jabber-speak-recent-message
Speak most recent message if one exists.

12.111.2 emacspeak-jabber Options

Variable: User Option emacspeak-jabber-speak-presence-alerts
Set to T if you want to hear presence alerts.

Default Value: