12.129 emacspeak-mines

MINES == Minesweeper game in emacs. The game itself provides a fully keyboard driven interface. In addition, Emacspeak provides these additional interactive commands:

Speaking cell neighbors uses appropriate clause boundaries to group related cells — neighbors are read left-to-right, top-to-bottom. Moving to the left/right edge of the board produces an appropriate auditory icon.

12.129.1 Emacspeak-Mines Commands emacspeak-mines-beginning-of-row

Command: emacspeak-mines-beginning-of-row
Move to beginning of row emacspeak-mines-end-of-row

Command: emacspeak-mines-end-of-row
Move to end of row emacspeak-mines-goto

Command: emacspeak-mines-goto (index)
Move to specified cell.

(fn INDEX) emacspeak-mines-jump-to-uncovered-cell

Command: emacspeak-mines-jump-to-uncovered-cell (from-beginning)
Jump to next uncovered cell. With interactive prefix-arg, jump
to beginning of board before searching.

(fn FROM-BEGINNING) emacspeak-mines-speak-board

Command: emacspeak-mines-speak-board
Speak the board. emacspeak-mines-speak-cell

Command: emacspeak-mines-speak-cell
Speak current cell. emacspeak-mines-speak-mark-count

Command: emacspeak-mines-speak-mark-count
Count and speak number of marks. emacspeak-mines-speak-neighbors

Command: emacspeak-mines-speak-neighbors
Speak neighboring cells in sorted order. emacspeak-mines-speak-uncovered-count

Command: emacspeak-mines-speak-uncovered-count
Speak number of uncovered cells.