12.145 emacspeak-pianobar

12.145.1 PIANOBAR == Pandora Client for Emacs

pianobar git://github.com/PromyLOPh/pianobar.git Ubuntu/Debian: sudo apt-get install pianobar

Pianobar Is a stand-alone client for Pandora Radio. pianobar.el available on the Emacs Wiki at http://www.emacswiki.org/emacs/pianobar.el Provides access to Pandora Radio via pianobar from the comfort of Emacs. This module speech-enables Pianobar and enhances it for the Complete Audio Desktop.

12.145.2 Emacspeak Usage:

Emacspeak implements command emacspeak-pianobar, a light-weight wrapper on top of pianobar. Emacspeak binds this command to C-' '. Command emacspeak-pianobar is designed to let you launch Pandora channels and switch tracks/channels without moving away from your primary tasks such as editing code or reading/composing email. Toward this end, launching command emacspeak-pianobar the first time initializes the *pianobar* buffer and launches command pianobar; but focus remains in your current buffer. Pianobar can be controlled with single keystrokes while in the pianobar buffer — switch to using C-e ''. The most useful keys are right for skipping tracks, up and down for switching channels etc.; see the keys bound in pianobar-key-map for a complete list. Pressing C-e ' in the *pianobar* buffer buries the *pianobar*. From here on, Pianobar can be controlled by pressing the Pianobar prefix key (C-e ') followed by keys from pianobar-key-map.

12.145.3 Emacspeak-Pianobar Commands emacspeak-pianobar

Command: emacspeak-pianobar
C-e C-'
C-' '
Start or control Emacspeak Pianobar player. emacspeak-pianobar-command

Command: emacspeak-pianobar-command (key)
Invoke Pianobar  commands.

(fn KEY) emacspeak-pianobar-electric-mode-toggle

Command: emacspeak-pianobar-electric-mode-toggle
Toggle electric mode in pianobar buffer.
If electric mode is on, keystrokes invoke pianobar commands directly. emacspeak-pianobar-next-preset

Command: emacspeak-pianobar-next-preset
Switch to next preset. emacspeak-pianobar-previous-preset

Command: emacspeak-pianobar-previous-preset
Switch to previous preset. emacspeak-pianobar-send-raw

Command: emacspeak-pianobar-send-raw (string)
Send raw string with newline added to pianobar.

(fn STRING) emacspeak-pianobar-switch-to-preset

Command: emacspeak-pianobar-switch-to-preset
Switch to one of the  presets. emacspeak-pianobar-volume-down

Command: emacspeak-pianobar-volume-down
Decrease volume emacspeak-pianobar-volume-up

Command: emacspeak-pianobar-volume-up
Increase volume