12.149 emacspeak-proced

PROCED == Process Editor A new Task Manager for Emacs. Proced is part of emacs 23.

Required modules:

12.149.1 Emacspeak-Proced Commands emacspeak-proced-jump-to-process

Command: emacspeak-proced-jump-to-process (name)
Jump to process by name.

(fn NAME) emacspeak-proced-next-field

Command: emacspeak-proced-next-field
Navigate to next field. emacspeak-proced-next-line

Command: emacspeak-proced-next-line
Move to next line and speak a summary. emacspeak-proced-previous-field

Command: emacspeak-proced-previous-field
Navigate to previous field. emacspeak-proced-previous-line

Command: emacspeak-proced-previous-line
Move to next line and speak a summary. emacspeak-proced-speak-args

Command: emacspeak-proced-speak-args
Speak command  invocation  for this process. emacspeak-proced-speak-field

Command: emacspeak-proced-speak-field (field-name)
Speak value of specified field in current line.

(fn FIELD-NAME) emacspeak-proced-speak-that-field

Command: emacspeak-proced-speak-that-field
Speak desired field via single keystroke. emacspeak-proced-speak-this-field

Command: emacspeak-proced-speak-this-field (&optional position)
Speak field at specified column — defaults to current column.

(fn &optional POSITION)