12.195 emacspeak-threes

THREES == threes game. This module speech-enable the game. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Threes for history of the game and details of game play. This module adds additional convenience keybindings to the default arrow-key bindings implemented in threes.el. In addition, this module implements commands that speak the board as well as getting a column-specific view of the board.


Move right


Move left


Move down


Move up


Speak the board


Speak board by column.


Speak current score.


Speak number of zeros on the board.


Save current state


Pop state from stack


Speak next tile

The updated board is spoken after each turn. The next upcoming tile is spoken after the current state of the board. You can use SPC and / to review the board.

12.195.1 Emacspeak-Threes Commands emacspeak-threes-0

Command: emacspeak-threes-0
Set next tile. emacspeak-threes-1

Command: emacspeak-threes-1
Set next tile. emacspeak-threes-2

Command: emacspeak-threes-2
Set next tile. emacspeak-threes-3

Command: emacspeak-threes-3
Set next tile. emacspeak-threes-export

Command: emacspeak-threes-export (&optional prompt)
Exports game stack to a file.
Optional interactive prefix arg prompts for a file.
Note that the file is overwritten silently.

(fn &optional PROMPT) emacspeak-threes-import

Command: emacspeak-threes-import (&optional prompt)
Import game.
Optional interactive prefix arg prompts for a filename.

(fn &optional PROMPT) emacspeak-threes-pop-state

Command: emacspeak-threes-pop-state
Reset state from stack. emacspeak-threes-prune-stack

Command: emacspeak-threes-prune-stack (drop)
Prune game stack to specified length.

(fn DROP) emacspeak-threes-push-state

Command: emacspeak-threes-push-state
Push current game state on stack. emacspeak-threes-score

Command: emacspeak-threes-score
Speak the score. emacspeak-threes-speak-board

Command: emacspeak-threes-speak-board
Speak the board. emacspeak-threes-speak-empty-count

Command: emacspeak-threes-speak-empty-count
Speak number of cells that are non-empty. emacspeak-threes-speak-next

Command: emacspeak-threes-speak-next
Speak upcoming tile. emacspeak-threes-speak-transposed-board

Command: emacspeak-threes-speak-transposed-board
Speak the board by columns.