12.198 emacspeak-transient

TRANSIENT == Transient commands — used by magit and friends. This module speech-enables transient.

12.198.1 Introduction

Package Transient is similar to package Hydra in the sense that it can be used to create a sequence of chained/hierarchical commands that are invoked via a sequence of keys. It is used by Magit for dispatching to the various Git commands. Speech-enabling package Transient results in the various interactive commands producing auditory feedback. Transient shows an ephemeral window with the currently available commands, Emacspeak speech-enables transient–show to cache that content so it can be browsed if desired.

Finally, this module defines a new minor mode called transient-emacspeak that enables interactive browsing of the contents displayed temporarily. Note that without this functionality, learning complex packages like Magit would be difficult because the list of available commands can be very long.

12.198.3 Browsing Contents Of transient–show

When executing a command defined via Transient — e.g. command Magit-dispatch and friends, ? twice to suspend the transient — this calls 2transient-suspend. Emacspeak now displays a *transient-emacspeak* buffer that displays the contents of the most recently displayed transient choices. Pressing r resumes the transient; Pressing C-q quits the transient.

12.198.4 Emacspeak-Transient Commands emacspeak-transient-mode

Command: emacspeak-transient-mode
emacspeak integration with Transient.

In addition to any hooks its parent mode ‘special-mode’ might have
run, this mode runs the hook ‘emacspeak-transient-mode-hook’, as the
final or penultimate step during initialization. emacspeak-transient-next-section

Command: emacspeak-transient-next-section
Next transient section. emacspeak-transient-previous-section

Command: emacspeak-transient-previous-section
Previous transient section.